What is the data?

Reflective Optics System Imaging Spectrometer (ROSIS), first flights were performed in 1992, the current version ROSIS-03 is operated since 1999.  The total field of view is ±8º and this sensor covers the spectral rangef rom 430 to 860 nm. The number of bands is 115with the band width is equal to 4.0 nm. The main objective of  the ROSIS project is the detection of spectral fine structures especially in coastal waters. This task determined the selection of the spectral range, bandwidth, number of channels, radiometric resolution and its tilt capability for sun glint avoidance. However, ROSIS can be used just as well for monitoring of spectral features above land or within the atmosphere.

Where is it available?

A few data sets captured by AVIRIS can be found below: