What is this data?

ERS-2 is the European Remote-Sensing Satellite-2 it was operated by the European Space Agency, ESA , which launched the satellite in 1995 carrying an array of earth-observation instruments. Shortly afterwards ESA decided to link ERS-2 with its identical twin ERS-1 in the first ‘tandem’ mission with both satellites orbiting only 24 hours apart (check ERS 1/2 tandem data). This mission lasted for 9 months.

ERS-2 failed in 2000, far exceeding its planned lifetime.

Where is it available?

ERS-2 SAR images covering Iceland were collected between 1992-2000 and are available on ‘Askja’ remote computer ( at The University of Iceland. For access and a list of available images please contact Freysteinn Sigmundsson (