GAMIT, GLOBK, and TRACK form a comprehensive suite of programs for analyzing GPS measurements primarily to study crustal deformation.

The software has been developed by MIT, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Harvard University with support from the National Science Foundation. The software may be obtained without written agreement or royalty fee by universities and government agencies for any non-commerical purposes.

GAMIT/GLOBK can be downloaded from GAMIT/GLOBK website (check instructions below). Furthermore, the program can be accessed throught the strokkur external machinr:

To obtain the download password and be added to the mail list for future updates, please send e-mail to Dr. Robert W King You must include in the e-mail the full name, address, and telephone and fax numbers of your institution. If you are a student, you must also include the name and email of your advisor or other permanent staff member who will receive the announcements and be responsible for the terms of the license.

People using GAMIT/GLOBK include: