What is this data?

WorldView-2 is a commercial Earth observation satellite owned by DigitalGlobe. WorldView-2 provides commercially available panchromatic imagery of .46 m resolution, and eight-band multispectral imagery with 1.84-meter resolution including four standard colors (red, green, blue, and near-infrared and four new bands (coastal, yellow, red edge, and near-infrared). The WroldView-2 image can be used for enhanced spectral analysis, mapping and monitoring applications, land-use planning, disaster relief, exploration, defense and intelligence, and visualization and simulation environments.

Where is it available?

MapMart[1] division distributes satellite imagery, aerial photography, and numerous map products via its e-commerce site,™. IntraSearch’s SportsMapping™ division provides map products and visualization services to the sports industry. Furthermore, a WorldView-2 sample provided by Professor Jon Atli Benediktsson is also available from Xudong Kang’s homepage[2].